Do you know the crowdlending dedicated to student loans?

Savings diversification tools have become commodities. Gold, wine, real estate, forests, crowdlending SMEs are investment options known by millions of French people.

Today crowdfunding is growing strongly, for example with the new crowdlending segment dedicated to student loans . A social impact investment that should naturally complement your investor portfolio in the coming weeks.

Loan to individuals, an investment with social impact


It is a system that is very similar to microcredit used in developing countries. The idea is to give loans to deserving people who often have a refusal from credit agencies or the bank. A social impact solution to reduce the banking exclusion of these populations.

In France, this method of financing is carried out remotely via crowdlending platforms. Lenders are often individuals who act in a private capacity. Several platforms have specialized in funding student projects. With this system, these investors allow dozens of students to pursue higher education that they could never have done without their help.

Discover Good Finance, the platform specialized in student loans

Discover Good Finance, the platform specialized in student loans

Since 2016, Good Finance connects students and private lenders through its platform. With interest rates between 5 and 7%, Good Finance is a real solution to boost your savings while having a strong social impact.

Accompanied by the Réseau Entreprendre 92, and recently winner of the Rotary Prize “Coup de Coeur” of the Entrepreneur, Good Finance today displays dozens of student projects on which you can invest. The platform has powerful tools to analyze the quality of the files. She selects only the best records, those of serious, motivated students, and with a coherent academic background.

Students are accompanied to set up the most appropriate financing

Students are accompanied to set up the most appropriate financing

For their personal situation. Rigorous monitoring of each file is carried out until full repayment of principal and interest. In case of research internship or employment in particular, Good Finance transmits the CVs of borrowers to companies specialized in recruitment.

Investments in crowdlending geared towards individuals or SME / VSE projects make it possible to diversify French savings. Take the time to study the files and make sure the team has all the skills to properly assess the risks on different projects.