10 garden plants with red leaves



The accepted convention is that the greenery is beautiful. When people cultivate gardens in their apartment, they want to have greenery in their house. However, you may disagree and say that too much greenery is boring. Greenery is beautiful and calming, but a splash of color can actually make a green spot interesting.

A touch of color can only come from non-green plants. The most common variety of these non-green plants is one that has red leaves. Some of these are plants with red foliage and others are trees with red leaves. Maple is a classic example of a tree with red leaves at all times. But there are several other plants with red foliage.

The advantage of having a plant with red foliage in your garden is that it gives volume and color to your garden. In addition, they take up less space than huge trees with red leaves.

So here is a list of 10 plants that have red leaves that can be grown in your small home garden.


Carpet Bulge: Ajuga reptans

This plant is commonly called the “Bulge” because of the shape of its leaves. This red foliage plant grows quickly and covers the ground in no time. The best way to get voluminous red in your garden.


Aeonium arboreum Atropurpureum: Zwartkop

It is actually a succulent plant or a cactus. It has a beautiful shade of brown and blooms like a glorious flower. It will be the main honor of your garden if you can cultivate it properly.


Heuchera micrantha: Coral bells

This plant is essentially wild and grows in the rocks. This is the perfect way to incorporate rocks into your garden and make it look more sculpted.


Salvia officinalis: Garden sage

Not only does this plant look great, it also smells heavenly. You can use this variety of sage to add flavor to your soups and salads.


Acer palmatum: Japanese maple

You can grow this miniature variety of maple in your garden. In fact, this plant will give your garden a pretty Japanese look.


Cotinus coggygria: purple smoke bush

It is another leafy plant that will amaze the spectators with this bushy presence. This plant has jagged leaves and rises like a cloud of smoke.


Albizia julibrissin: Silk tree

The staggering leaves of this red plant make it very angular. It is a good way to add shapes to your garden.


Antirrhinum: Snapdragon

Due to their special shape, these plants are also called dragon flowers or snapdragons. The leaves of the plant open in swirls like a flower.


Beta vulgaris: Swiss chard

Not only can you decorate your garden with this common plant, but also have it for dinner. Swiss Thai variety of leafy vegetables, Swiss chard is perfectly edible.


Berberis thunbergii: barberry with red leaves

It is basically a berry plant. Even in its bushy form, it produced pretty, colorful berries. To top it off, it has red leaves.

Article first published: Tuesday January 22nd, 2013, 01:16 PM [IST]

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