HCPLC organizes “Big Hands, Little Hands: Ladybug Garden Pot” take-out arts and crafts projects that families can make together. (Photo courtesy of the Hillsborough County Public Library Co-op official website.) By Faith Miller For the month of May, the Hillsborough County Public Library Co-operative (HCPLC) continues its series of onlineRead More →

Since ancient times, the Japanese have had a tradition of creating gardens that capture the natural landscape. They combine the basic elements of plants, water and rocks with simple, clean lines to create a spiritual haven, which in times of war and conflict was the only place they found peace.Read More →

Do-it-yourself garden projects and crafts: 60 planters, birdhouses, lotion bars, garlands and more! »By Debbie Wolfe, Skyhorse, 2019, 240 pages Venture outside and create a project to brighten up your garden or backyard! Debbie Wolfe’s “DIY Garden Project and Crafts” is all you need for a fun afternoon. Many activitiesRead More →

Whether you’re desperately trying to keep your plants alive, wanting to try your hand at creating a salad garden, or you’ve never grown anything before, living small can hamper your green dreams. Few things are more satisfying than growing your own food, but it can be difficult to accomplish whenRead More →

A garden full of activities – earthworms in the ground, flying creatures visiting flowers that attract bees – is a healthy garden. Just like with bees, if you want to attract butterflies, there are certain flowers that are sure to have them fluttering around your flower beds. This list ofRead More →