1. Origin According to Will Williams, where, when and how plants are grown can impact longevity, quality and appearance. For example, an olive tree looks more attractive with a straight stem next to a front door in full sun. There’s a reason the sunny hills of Italy produce much strongerRead More →

Watering is essential to maintain healthy plants. During the summer months, gardeners may water their plants once or even twice a day, and getting it right is extremely important. Tom Hilton, outdoor and indoor gardening specialist at National Greenhouse, has exclusively shared several common mistakes to avoid when watering yourRead More →

The city’s communities are enjoying a blaze of color this summer thanks to the council’s popular wildflower planting scheme. In recent years the council has attracted pollinating insects to its roadsides, roundabouts, parks and rough terrain by allowing grass to grow long in selected locations, allowing wildflowers to bloom, andRead More →