5 Fun Backyard Garden Ideas: Get Dirty!

If you want to get dirty this summer, check out these five fun garden ideas, from kid-friendly fairy gardens to space-saving vertical gardening.

Gardening isn’t just about growing vegetables, it can also be fun for the whole family. Introducing a little whimsy to your garden can make the process more fun and inspire you to return to the dirt every year.

1. fairy garden: For a perfect fairy garden, you need to start with a large planter. Plant some tall plants (these will be the fairy trees) and cover the ground with moss. Then the real fun begins. Make small furniture and basins for fairies at play. Put some fencing around the edges and maybe even a little house. My kids love creating this fairy garden every year. Every spring we clean it up and add other little fairy objects. Use your imagination and it’s a project you can enjoy with your kids or grandkids for years to come.

2. milk carton planter: Cardboard milk cartons make the perfect planter. Cut out one side of the cardboard, fill the pot with soil and plant some seeds. Keep it well watered and in the sun and you can create an entire milk carton garden. You can keep the plants in the box or transplant them to your garden once the plants are thriving.

3. succulent wall: A garden wall doesn’t have to be without plants. Build a stone wall and insert succulents into the cracks to grow your garden in every possible place!

4. strawberry wall: Don’t have a lot of space for gardening? Go vertical. This strawberry wall is built with just a pallet, landscape fabric, a heavy-duty stapler, potting soil, and organic strawberry plants.

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5. Vertical gardening: Strawberries aren’t the only way to get vertical. coffee cans Where jars can be attached to wood or even old shutters to hold herbs or small vegetables. Or try one of these others vertical gardening techniques.

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