60 DIY vertical garden ideas for small spaces

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From vertical herb gardens to DIY container gardens for vegetables and flowers, there are plenty of DIY Vertical Garden Ideas on a budget perfect for apartments, patios, small yards, balconies, etc.

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Forget the traditional garden and maximize your indoor and outdoor space with these vertical garden ideas for small spaces like your porch or patio. There are DIY garden projects for trellises, wall gardens, hanging gardens, tiered planters, and more. These DIY garden ideas take up less space because they use wall space and unused vertical space. Here you will find indoor and outdoor garden ideas.

What can be grown in a vertical garden?

  • flowers (annuals and perennials)
  • annual herbs
  • strawberries
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • White beans
  • carrots
  • Garlic
  • onions
  • green salad
  • radishes
  • peas
  • to crush
  • delicious
  • vines and ivy
  • air plants and other small plants

pallet gardens

Upcycled Rainbow Pallet Flower Planter
Upcycled Rainbow Pallet Flower Planter by Hello Creative Family

Pallet flower garden

Pallet flower garden of 2 moms and a startup

Pallet Herb Planter
Pallet Herb Planter pink when

    Super easy pallet planter
Super easy pallet planter by Kelly Moore

Trellis Cucumber Palette beautiful greens

Hanging gardens and vertical wall garden ideas

vertical wall garden

vertical wall garden by Maison Belle

vertical hanging herb garden

Hanging Herb Garden fresh mom

Plant Hanger Vertical Corner Vegetable Garden

Vertical plant hanger by I Heart Naptime

Clay pot hanging planters for the balcony

Hanging clay pots for the balcony of horticulture

Vertical Garden Wall Planter Spice Rack
Spice wall planter laughing crow

Wooden planter for the wall
Wooden planter for the wall by Shanty 2 Chic

Mason Jar Herb Pots
Mason Jar Herb Pots by Camille Styles

    Hanging Vertical Gutter Garden
Gutter Hanging Garden by Goods Home Design

Succulent Picture Frame Wall Planter

Succulent Picture Frame Wall Planter of the empress of dirt

Nautical Hanging Plants

Nautical Hanging Plants Simple Styles

Vertical Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

Indoor Hanging Herb Pots excerpt from The Bird and its Song

vertical herb garden

Herb garden by Inspired by Charm

vertical herb garden

Container Herb Garden to make lemonade

Hanging Gutter Plant Stand

Hanging Gutter Plant Stand of his tool belt

Mason Jar Herb Garden Wooden Fence Post

Mason Jar Wall Mounted Herb Garden Rebecca’s Bird Gardens

Ladder with flowerpots

Vertical Wall Planter Ladder by Angela Marie Made

Repurposed Shutter Wall Succulent Planter

Repurposed Shutter Wall Succulent Planter of My Reoriented Life

Vertical Hanging Basket Garden

Vertical hanging baskets a beautiful mess

    Shoe Organizer Herb Planter
Shoe Organizer Herb Planter Drink with chickens

Hanging Soda Bottle Planters

Hanging Soda Bottle Planters DIRT

Planters, Trellis and Other Vertical Garden Ideas

DIY monogrammed planter on the side of the wall

DIY Monogrammed Planter Tutorial by Remodelaholic

DIY vertical garden with drip irrigation system

DIY garden with drip irrigation system by Houseful of Handmade

Cedar Tiered Ladder Planter

$20 Cedar Tiered Ladder Planter by Ana White

Wooden vertical wall planters

Vertical wall planter from The Handyman’s Daughter

Upside Down Vertical Flower Pots

Upside Down Vertical Planter by We Heart This

    Space-saving vertical vegetable garden

Space-saving vertical vegetable planter handicrafts made by man

    Fence Slat Vertical Planter

Fence Slat Vertical Planter by The Craft Patch

PVC Pipe Vertical Garden

pvc pipe garden from The Kim Six Fix

How to build a garden with a vertical planter

How to build a vertical planter CRAFTS

Recycled Wood Ladder Vertical Garden Display

Recycled Wood Ladder Garden Display by Simple Bites

flower ladder trellis

flower ladder trellis by Ashbee Design

IKEA trolley filled with greenery

IKEA trolley filled with greenery (source unknown)

DIY Vertical Plant Stand

DIY Vertical Plant Stand by Angela Marie Made

tiered vertical planter

DIY planter garden by Helpful Homemade

Mobile Vertical Gutter Planter

Mobile Vertical Gutter Planter from the garden gate

branches and trellis in T

Cheap DIY Trellis by Chicken Scratch NY

DIY tower garden

DIY tower garden stone gable

DIY Tiered Strawberry Planter

DIY Tiered Strawberry Planter from the hydrangea hut

flower trellis

Flower trellis (source unknown)

    Crate display for potted flowers

Crate display for potted flowers (source unknown)

Ladder Hanging Herb PlanterLadder Herb Planter (no source found)
metal planters with handles + S hooks + ladder

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