7 DIY Garden Ideas for a Beautiful Backyard Makeover

Whether you’re just starting to garden at home or looking for ways to spruce up what you already have, try out some DIY garden ideas! These aren’t just fun projects, they’re also a way to turn something old into something new to keep trash out of landfills.

By recycling what you already have instead of throwing things away, you can turn old items into decoration for your garden or yard. You can also recycle items that would normally end up in the trash.

The best part is that you can turn any junk into treasure, from old metal watering cans to bicycle wheels! Check out these DIY garden ideas to spruce up your garden.

7 DIY garden ideas to spice up your yard

1. Illuminated watering can with light garlands


For this DIY, all you need is an old metal watering can, some fairy lights, and a shepherd’s hook used for hanging flower pots.

First, remove the head of the watering can (it should come off like a shower head) and widen the holes to fit the string lights. Then feed the string lights through the holes and you have a stunning piece for your garden.

2. Flower bottle stopper


Bottle caps are hard to throw away. Instead of throwing them away and risking them going to the landfill, save them and use them to make this DIY flower to stick in your garden!

These bottle cap flowers are one of a kind and prevent pesky bottle caps from getting stuck in recycling machines or being sent to landfills.

3. Broken Pot Fairy Garden

diy garden ideas
PHOTO: Best Homes & Gardens/CARSON DOWNING

Don’t throw away your broken pot! Instead, use these pieces to assemble an adorable fairy garden. All you have to do is arrange the pieces of the broken pot to make different levels of the garden. Then, after using an adhesive or modeling clay to hold the pieces in place, add potting soil.

Then make the fairy house steps from other broken pieces and add plants and accessories. Talk about turning trash into a treasure you’ll admire every time you look at your lovely garden.

4. Recycled Rainbow Pallet Flower Garden Planter


This tutorial requires a little more work than the others on this list, but it’s totally worth it! You will need a wooden pallet that has been sanded, smoothed and painted as desired. You will also need flowers planted in terracotta pots and worm clips to attach them to wooden boards.

5. Antique Drawer Porch Planters


Looking to get creative and think outside the box? This is the DIY for you. This tutorial takes old drawers – from a nightstand or end table – and turns them into planters for your porch or yard.

Although this tutorial teaches you how to build the planters, you can take the easier route: find old furniture at local thrift stores and turn it into a planter.

6. DIY Scrabble Tile Herb Garden Markers


These garden markers are perfect for herb gardens, vegetable patches, and flower gardens, especially if you can’t remember which plant is which!

You will need Scrabble tiles, craft sticks and hot glue. You can either use the Scrabble game you have at home or find one at a thrift store. Once you have spelled the herbs in your garden, simply stick the stick into the ground.

7. beer bottle garden path

diy garden ideas

If you have a large garden that needs a walking path, you can create one by recycling beer bottles. Yes really.

This blogger had friends and family who kept them for almost a year before they were turned into a 15 foot long path. You can also use wine bottles. Not only does the end result look amazing, but it’s also a great conversation piece for anyone who visits your home!

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