9 rented garden ideas for easy updates that won’t bother your landlord

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  • We all want a space that reflects our personality, but for tenants it can be tricky. Especially if you are planning to modernize your rented garden this summer. We’ve put together some rental garden ideas to make it easier for you.

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    Research by Boiler Plan found that Google searches “can I decorate a rented property?” »Increased by 66% compared to last year. However, research on how to update a rented outdoor space has taken an even bigger leap.

    Google searches for “DIY balcony ideas” saw an increase of 586%. Searches for “garden ideas” increased 167%, while “gardening in a rented home” increased 29%.

    So how can you refresh your garden without losing your deposit and getting blamed by the owner? Get inspired by our simple and non-permanent ideas to modernize your rented garden.

    Ideas for rented gardens

    1. Invest in potted plants

    Image credit: Ti-Media

    A few potted plants can turn a concrete yard into an oasis of peace. Just be careful not to get too ambitious with your choice of potted plant. While a small tree in a large terracotta pot might look pretty now, think about how you’re going to move it when your lease is over. Elevate small pots on side tables and wooden stumps to add height.

    2. Decorate the space with household furniture

    rented garden ideas 2

    Image credit: Ti-Media

    As with the interiors of a rented house, it’s hard to feel right at home when you can’t take on big decorating projects, in which case a pop of color can go a long way to make it look more like you. Use shower-resistant outdoor rugs and upholstery to invigorate a rented garden – and give the space a hint of your own style and an injection of personality.

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    3. Growing vegetables in an alternative planter

    Homebase 3 modular planter

    Join the growth of your own revolution, even as a tenant. If you want to try growing your own, but aren’t sure your owner wants you to dig up their garden, consider investing in a planter. You can buy smart vertical planters from Homebase that are perfect for growing herbs and tomatoes – without using up garden land at all. Alternatively, you can start small with a Vegebag, which won the Chelsea Garden Product of the Year 2020.

    Buy Now: Modular Planter Set, £ 39.99, Homebase

    4. Make accessories mobile


    Image credit: Future PLC

    One of the biggest trends of 2020, which is expected to continue through 2021, are fireplaces – fueled by restrictions on indoor gatherings, which means we’re outside regardless of the weather. The beauty of a fireplace is its self-contained nature which means that they are the perfect design for tenants as they won’t risk damaging the garden. Get one that is raised off the ground and easy to move, when the time comes to move to new pastures.

    5. Add a decorative garden screen

    rented garden ideas 1

    Garden screens are an ideal solution to revamp your outdoor space. They offer a decorative touch but also privacy in a small garden or terrace, and can also be used to cover unsightly bins.

    You can go for a simple willow screen or something more spectacular like the one in Screen With Envy. Priced at around £ 85, they come in a range of designs from Moroccan geometry to floral prints. When it’s time to move on, they can easily be taken with you.

    Buy Now: Moucharabiya Garden Screen, £ 95, Screen with Envy

    6. Add atmosphere with lighting

    rented garden ideas 5

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    String lights or solar lighting are an affordable way to add ambiance to your garden. Try weaving fairy lights across a garden screen or string them on a garden table for a striking garden lighting idea.

    7. Hang baskets of beautiful flowers

    hanging baskets

    Image credit: Spike Powell

    Hanging baskets will make any garden impressive, front or back. They can add a splash of color to any door or patio. Fill them with succulents, herbs, and sturdy evergreens for a modern, easy-to-maintain look. Just make sure they are well supported where you choose to hang them, to avoid causing damage if dropped.

    8. Decorate the fence

    diy garden pots

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    If your landlord is happy enough to let you paint the fence that’s fine, but if it’s too long you’ll have to think outside the box. An inexpensive, inexpensive, and non-permanent way to renovate tired-looking fence panels is a bright color injection. Use these homemade planters and candle holders for inspiration, all made from recycled tin cans simply attached to the fence with a detachable metal tie. A great way to add color and ambiance to the perimeter of a rented garden.

    9. Level with freestanding furniture

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    Use this nifty ladder storage idea to conceal a less than attractive corner of your rented yard. When growing a creeper isn’t an option, use this smart solution to fill the space with potted plants, decorative garden trinkets, and lanterns to add a personal touch.

    Will you be updating your rented garden with these simple tips?

    How to garden when you rent?

    How do you garden while renting? You garden intelligently, that’s how it is. Renting limits what you can do for the land, depending on your relationship with your landlord. In most cases, a homeowner would be happy to have Tennant take care of garden maintenance, such as mowing the lawn and trimming hedges – to save them the job. But in terms of gardening, you can be limited, so you should look for smart ways to do it.

    Growing vegetables in freestanding planters is a perfect way to grow your own without digging a vegetable patch. This also opens up the possibility of living off the land, even if that land is a balcony in a second floor apartment or a small courtyard. in a city center. For the most part, garden in pots that you can enjoy in the space but can take with you when you move – because gardening doesn’t come cheap, so be careful not to waste money on it. a garden that you could leave behind.

    How to showcase my rented garden?

    You can make a rented garden look great by adding a touch of your own personality to the space. A cost effective way to do this is to use a set of patio furniture, outdoor rugs, and upholstery that will make the space very usable no matter how well planted it is. Clean up quickly, a wedding and dead head stain can go a long way in tidying up the garden without having to spend money. If you are looking to add plants to a rented garden, make sure they are in pots that can be easily transported when you move.