Adam Frost: Gardeners’ World host unveils plans for his new garden – plants and vegetables

Adam Frost is a familiar face to viewers of Gardeners’ World, having presented the BBC’s flagship gardening show since 2016. On April 22, the green-thumbed presenter revealed he and his family were “downsized” in a new house, which includes a “small garden” than his old one.

What are Adam Frost’s plans for his back garden?

As part of the episode, Adam revealed that he’s already worked hard to get to know his new green space.

He explained, “I think the first thing you need to do when taking on a new garden is to curb the excitement and figure out what you have. I tried to figure out what the light does.”

Along with finding out how sunny his garden is, Adam also checked the health of his soil.

Adam said: “I’ve tested it before.

“It amazes me how often people start a garden without testing the soil.

“This soil is the answer for you to have a great garden.”

However, there is one job Adam has already taken on that he admits he usually wouldn’t do.

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He said: “Normally I wouldn’t do a plantation but I have some here, the reason being that we are overlooked by some houses.”

Adam has planted smaller trees, including serviceberry and cornus, to “preserve the privacy” of homes facing his garden.

At the top of the garden, on an “upper terrace”, the Gardeners’ World expert shared plans to create a “gravel garden”.

He said: “I opened it up and took a shrub here, but it’s screaming at me ‘create a gravel garden’.

“So I’ve containerized some of the plants from the old house but the drainage is going to be good because eventually we’re so much higher.”

There’s also room for his greenhouse, though Adam admits it’s filled with pots and vegetables from his old home.

What are Adam Frost’s plans for his front garden?

Since his garden faces north, Adam started creating a vegetable garden in front of his house.

He said: “I’m going to spend a huge amount of time here growing up for the family and I know you have to use your imagination because it’s a bit like a building site at the moment.

“It gets really hot, so fruits and veggies will love it.”

Although the vegetable garden is still under construction, Adam has already created a border of wood around the larger vegetable bed and has given the soil a boost with manure.

He explained, “To improve the ground here, I use a unique digging technique.

“Simple digging is a trench system. You dig a spade-deep trench.

“Once you’ve done that, put about 50-100ml of well-rotted manure in there and then turn it over.”