Balcony Garden Ideas: 11 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Balcony


It is possible to have a patio on your balcony, but you will probably need to use composite panels.

Rob said: “Millboard composite decks are great for floating on the ground, they are slip-resistant and anti-algae, so easy to clean.

“It’s not cheap, but it will stand the test of time and won’t warp in the sun either.

“If you go for a wooden deck, first make sure it’s treated and keep it clean and maintained to prevent it from becoming slippery.

“Don’t be afraid of color, it’s a great way to add interest and can make the space look a lot bigger.”

Multipurpose items

To really create a feeling of space, these are multi-purpose objects, but also working with the length and width of the space.

Rob explained, “If your balcony is long and thin, go for a seating area on one end and a planting area on the other to keep the width of the space while using the length.

“A double-width seating area allows for a rear bench which also serves as storage and an additional bench in front of it to transform into a table.

“Again, create that extra storage, or even split it into quarters with a planter on each side and another seat in the middle.”

Permanent seats that double as storage will maximize space, according to Rob: “Folding tables in bright colors or ones that match your interior are a great addition and can easily be stowed away in the benches.