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Balcony gardens can be a wonderful escape from brick and mortar corporate buildings and dingy apartments. Whether you live with family or share an apartment with friends, being able to get away from it all and relax in a garden with a well-tended balcony is something to look forward to on a daily basis. And if you are a plant lover, adorning your balcony with assorted foliage would also enhance the aesthetics of your humble abode. Here are some ideas for building or modernizing a balcony garden-

The easiest way to make your balcony welcoming is to decorate it with various plants. The silver plant is one of the most popular plants in Indian households. Growing foods like vegetables and herbs in your balcony garden would make you even more interested in nurturing it.

With the increase in pollution in most metropolitan cities, air purifying plants have also grown in popularity and can be incorporated into a balcony garden. For skin care enthusiasts, aloe vera would be a perfect plant to plant in their balcony garden.

Rocks, water and plants give off a sense of calm in their surroundings, which is very necessary in our hectic lifestyles. Whether it’s an earthen pot where you leave flowers afloat or a small, wasteful fountain would be a lovely addition to your garden balcony.

If your budget allows, a statement waterfall feature would completely transform your backyard balcony. Pebbles or boulders also look great next to plants, so without going overboard, these natural elements can be incorporated into your garden balcony.


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Sparkling fairy lights or hanging lanterns will completely transform your garden balcony in the evening. Since summers are usually far too hot to be spent outdoors, decorating your balcony with party lights would be a warm invitation to spend time there in the evening.

The lights on your garden balcony will also be ideal when entertaining guests.

Spending time reading is probably something that most people look forward to in their spare time. A comforting balcony with reading nooks and cushions to support the seating is perfect for informal relaxation.

Relax with your friends or spend some time alone on your balcony and add some vines to have space to place your floor cushions and low seats. While the plants make your balcony garden a living and breathing space, the cushions would create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

If you are an avid gardener, flowering plants should have your heart. Whether it’s a perennial flower or a seasonal flower, the flowers will make sure you feel positive and bright as soon as you step into this beautiful balcony.

Bougainvillea, roses, orchids or any other vibrant flower will enhance your garden balcony like never before.

Few people have enough space in their balconies. To incorporate greenery, opt for pots that can be hung on the balcony or on the balcony roof.

Lush and vibrant pots would act as beautiful accessories for your balcony garden, creating visually appealing areas of interest.

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