Great garden ideas using old tires

In this second installment of her series, Cathy Isom has some great garden ideas with old tires. It happens on this land of ours.

Great garden ideas using old tires

Making a garden with tires has so many advantages. First of all, it’s a great way to use up those old tires lying around the yard. Not to mention, this is quite the conversation start point when you’ve painted them all colorfully and displaying beautiful flowers.

Use old tires to tap into your creativity. Hang tires as planters on a wall or fence, using ropes or chains, which you can also paint to match. You can also stack the tires unevenly in two or more rows to create a multi-level raised garden bed. Flip the tire over for a unique looking planter. And, choose bright colors, or even white, to paint each tire – all the same color or each in a different shade – so that the colorful plants burst with color.

You can even use the tires to create artwork. Some tires could even be painted green and turned into a frog, or other animal, to greet passing neighbors.

A little imagination could go a long way with something you probably thought was dust.

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