Hale ‘Opio goes to’ Ele’ele for children’s garden plants

‘ELE’ELE – Maya Tayal, from Hale’ Opio, couldn’t believe the timing of the seedling distribution by elementary school student ‘Ele’ele Carmila Udarbe and her mentor Basilio “Bunga” Fuertes on Saturday , in front of the Gather Federal Credit Union branch at the ‘Ele’ele.

“I just saw the notice regarding the cast,” Tayal said. “It goes well with the kindergartens we are setting up at Hale ‘Opio.

Tayal said the gardens are made possible through the generosity of several community businesses like Gil Construction who provided most of the material to create the gardens by volunteer Harley Morris who works for Gil Construction.

“We have the plants,” Tayal said. “The Kaua’i Nursery and Landscaping provides soil and tools for the kids to work with when we come in next week. The children will be delighted. “

Tayal was among the stream of customers taking advantage of the seedling distribution where the chili peppers, the Hawaiian and Japanese varieties, were the first to leave, followed closely by the Nitta variety of eggplant seedlings.

“People love the spicy stuff,” Fuertes said. “But we have a lot of other seedlings, and we’ve started a few more for these Hale ‘Opio kids.”

Udarbe, Fuertes, and Roy Miyashiro had a variety of seedlings, including sweet red bulb onions, the Nitta variety of eggplant Waimanalo, Heirloon cherry tomatoes, bitter melon, Japanese cucumber, Filipino long beans, and Filipino sweet green peppers. .

“We had extra seeds for the bulb onion of the yellow variety, so we mixed it with the red onion,” Fuertes said. “Just don’t eat them with saimin.” You can use bitter melon sprouts in saimin. It’s really good.”