Hanging garden ideas perfect for small spaces

IIf you consistently covet the stunning spaces of your favorite plant influencers, you’re not alone. But if you live in a small apartment, there really isn’t much room to make your dreams of greenery come true. Unless you take it vertically, of course.

Once you run out of floor space for all of your plant pots, it’s time to use your walls with hanging garden ideas. That metal grid that you used to have photos on can easily become a place to hang some plants. What about that huge stick that you saw in the park? Bring it home and breathe new life into it as the ultimate plant support. (It sounds weird, but trust me … It will be worth the weird looks.) Before you know it, your small space will have turned into a lush indoor jungle.

Ready to start? These hanging garden ideas will give you some inspiration for your own home.

The best hanging garden ideas for your space

1. Green wall

Use empty wall space – like a stairwell, in this case! – by transforming it into a dream green wall. It is full of greenery of all kinds.

2. Hanging bottles

The spread has never looked so pretty. Reproduce this hanging garden by tying glass bottles to string and hanging them from a window or wall. Then place your cuttings and watch them grow.

3. Kokedama

Is there anything cooler than the art of the kokedama garden? The Japanese practice is to grow a plant in a ball of earth covered with moss, and it’s really easy to DIY for your own space. You can try it with herbs, ferns – really, any plant you want.

4. Recycled stick

It turns out that a stick straight out of a park or your garden can be the key to creating a beautiful hanging garden inside your home. Who knew.

5. Wall containers

Using wall containers makes it very easy to create an eye-catching hanging garden. These recycled options from WallyGro have breathable panels that promote healthy roots, as well as a built-in water reservoir.

6. Shelf above the bed

Waking up to this point of view is essentially every plant’s dream. All you need is a floating shelf and a bunch of climbing plants.

7. Door garden

There are very few plants on the ground in this space. Instead, the plants are in planters that have been attached to the wall or hang in doorways.

8. Wire wall grid

Instead of using your wall grid for photos, use it for your plants. It was the perfect way to add some greenery to this little apartment.

9. Wood scrap

The basis of this hanging garden is scrap plywood. With a bit of stain and a bit of greenery, it turned into a cutest green spot.

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