Prune “mistakes” to avoid “permanently” damaging garden plants – can “starve” them

Experts said gardeners should be careful in the garden because even the smallest mistakes can have the “most catastrophic consequences”. This includes pruning, which is the selective removal of branches from a tree, helping to encourage new growth. However, for novice gardeners, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Gardening experts from Sutton Manor Nursery explained: “With all the overgrown shrubs from the previous winter months, it’s understandable that you can’t wait to start getting your shrubs into shape.

“However, it should not be overdone.

“If done too aggressively, it can permanently damage a plant by stunting its growth and making it susceptible to disease.”

Although pruning can benefit a shrub or tree in many different ways, when they are in their growth phase, pruning can potentially “starve” them.

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The experts added: “It is understandable that people make this mistake, they feel that the shorter the grass they cut the less they will have to mow.

“While that’s okay, it’s only because you don’t have to cut dead grass.”

Leaving the lawn a little longer actually means it will grow much slower.

Gardening experts continued, “Gardening mistakes happen all the time, especially with new gardeners.

“The main advice we can give is to learn from the mistakes you make and make sure you don’t make the same mistake again.

“Knowing what works and what doesn’t is extremely valuable information that can help you develop your skills in the garden.”

Misplacing plants and not weeding are also common gardener mistakes.