Rented garden ideas – 10 ways to personalize your garden

With the right rented garden ideas, you can still make an outdoor space fun to use, even if you can’t make big changes. Renting out your home doesn’t mean you can’t really own it – you just need to get creative with how you go about it. It’s easy to add personal touches to your outdoor space without disturbing your landlord.

From potted plants to outdoor lighting, here are 10 garden ideas to spruce up a tired-looking rental space in a place you’ll want to hang out this summer.

Ideas for rented gardens that you can take with you if you move

1. Use potted plants to incorporate greenery

Colorful potted plants on pedestals

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If your backyard lacks green space, potted plants are a particularly attractive option for urban gardens. This will allow you to add flowers, texture, and color to your outdoor space without having to dig anything, or if your back space is all concrete.

“Movable objects are ideal for a rental property, such as pots and planters,” says Landscapes of Belderbos“Claire Belderbos. “Consider the size of your containers – larger pots can bring drama and keep an area from looking cluttered.”

Henry Scott, Director of Landscapers and Landscapers Pehrsson Scottalso recommend container gardening in your rented space. ‘Pots with specimen trees will transform a small garden and can be easily moved by a moving company. They do a great job of transforming a garden on the cheap, and it’s something you can take with you wherever you want.

2. Hang plants to add more dimension to your space

Potted plants hanging from a tree in a rented garden

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Hanging plants are a brilliant low maintenance garden idea to create depth in your garden. They can catch your eye to make the space feel bigger and fuller than you actually do. If you don’t have a lot of square footage to work with, going up is a great way to make the most of your space and incorporate more of it into your garden.

Depending on how much leeway you have from your landlord in terms of what you can do in your space, you may not want to drill into anything to hang your plants. Instead, why not try fence post brackets? They can slide or hook onto fence posts for hanging on to your plants, which you can easily lift on moving day. Alternatively, you can try hanging the basket from a tree branch if you have one – just make sure it’s strong enough to hold the weight.

3. Get creative with color

Colorful flowers in a garden

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Color is an easy way to make your rented garden more inviting and personal. You can achieve this with the help of flowers, plants, and outdoor furniture to tailor the color palette that best suits your tastes. When it comes to starting a flower garden, pots are a great place to start.

‘For instant summer color that won’t break the bank, select long blooming perennials such as Geranium, Perovskia, Rudbeckia and Gaura [are great options]’, says Claire of Belderbos Landscapes. “Bulbs are a cost-effective way to provide a succession of colors in spring and summer. Bulbs can be planted around existing shrubs and plants without disturbing what is already there.

4. Furnish your garden with freestanding and mobile accessories

Outdoor terrace with potted plants

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If you have a bigger budget and enough space, buy outdoor furniture to create an attractive and comfortable space you’ll want to spend time in.outdoor furniture will allow you to create a modern and trendy space where you can receive family and friends.

“Spend your money wisely on things that can be taken when you move. Good quality patio furniture is always a good start and will help elevate a space,” says Henry, Director of Pehrsson Scott.

If you already have outdoor furniture that is showing a bit of wear, Claire from Belderbos Landscapes suggests sanding it down, refinishing it or even giving it a coat of paint. This way you can save money while elevating your garden space.

5. Light up your garden

Small patio with coffee table and fairy lights

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Extend your accommodation into the evening hours and invite your friends to enjoy your beautiful new outdoor space by hanging lights.

“Lighting can extend the use of your garden and add atmosphere to your garden at night,” says Claire. “If you can’t install mains-powered lighting, consider solar-powered options. The technology for these has improved a lot recently. Other alternatives to mains powered lighting are lanterns and smaller table candles.

String lights suitable for outdoor use are also a great garden lighting idea for your garden that requires no permanent installation. Warm lights will add a magical and atmospheric touch to your garden, which you can easily unplug and put away whenever you want.

6. Make your outdoor space wildlife-friendly

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Wildlife gardening can make your backyard a much more peaceful and enjoyable space that won’t require major or permanent renovations. “Consider taking part in No Mow May this year to create a cover for wildlife and allow wildflowers to appear,” says Claire of Belderbos Landscapes.

Bird feeders are another way to make your garden even more attractive to wildlife. You can get free-standing options like bird tables or poles that can dig into the ground, hang feeders from branches, and even use window feeders that can be attached with suction cups.

7. Invest in a self-contained water feature

a bowl of corten water in a garden

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Water features elevate any outdoor space to make it more expensive, and they aren’t always a permanent fixture. “There are also great off-the-shelf aquatic elements that can make a real difference in any space and won’t be left behind when you move house,” says Henry Scott.

If you have an outdoor electrical outlet, you can use a self-contained water feature in most places in your yard by using an outdoor extension cord if the cable isn’t long enough to reach your desired location. Alternatively, there are solar-powered water features that are free of cables, using the sunlight they absorb through a panel to power the water flow.

“A water feature doesn’t have to be complicated,” says Claire Belderbos. There are several options for mains-powered and solar-powered water features that do not need to be plugged in as they operate on an internal reservoir, reusing and recirculating water. “A simple water bowl can even be used to welcome wildlife to your garden,” she adds.

8. Use these IKEA patio tiles for a temporary solution

IKEA RUNNEN terrace tiles on a balcony

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IKEA removable ground decking is a great way to give your garden a neater look without having to go through more expensive, permanent landscaping. Patio tiles are perfect for a small balcony garden idea, especially if you only have one balcony or patio that you want to upgrade.

Whether you want to patio over grass or cover concrete, these patio tiles can easily be clicked together to create a high quality finish for your outdoor space. They are available in a range of colors and even offered in artificial grass to allow you to create a garden effect without the need to plant seeds. When it comes to moving day, you can easily put them away for use at your next property and your landlord won’t be much better off.

9. Maintain your outdoor space

Mediterranean Garden Makeover Inspiration

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The benefits of keeping your garden in good shape can be overlooked, but it’s a simple and economical way to make your rental home more welcoming. “Another important factor in rental properties is garden maintenance,” says Henry de Pehrsson Scott. “If the garden is well cared for and cared for, it will always have a positive impact on the ambiance and enjoyment of the space. Just because it’s not your property doesn’t mean you can’t spend time maintaining it. Some landlords may even offer a rent reduction.

When warm weather approaches, cleaning up your outdoor space will make a visible difference. “A power jet wash can remove winter dirt and debris and can freshen up your paving or patio,” says Claire of Belderbos Landscapes.

10. Beautify your fence

Fence planters

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In a rental home, you may not always be able to paint the fences, but there are still plenty of garden fence ideas that offer a temporary yet stylish solution. Why not try buttressing a trellis with artificial plants or decorative garden screens?

A simple and inexpensive option is to use garlands or fairy lights to decorate your fence. You can even try hanging fence planters with flowers or herbs inside, or go all out and use fabric vertical planting pockets that you can hang to create a wall of greenery above your fence.

How to use an apartment terrace?

Even if your rental property doesn’t have the most outdoor space, there are still plenty of user-friendly tips for apartment patios or balconies. Why not try decorating your patio with a rug and outdoor seating? It can be as simple as a garden bench or a pair of wicker garden chairs that you can dress up with soft furnishings to create a cozy and warm space to spend time in on warmer evenings. You can even invest in an outdoor table and chairs to host an al fresco dinner party in the summer.

How to redesign my garden on a low budget?

Plants are often a surprisingly expensive investment that doesn’t fit everyone’s budget. If you’re happy to do a little extra work, using seed packets and even making your own potting soil to plant them in can definitely save a few pennies. Recycling your current garden furniture or buying second-hand are not only cheaper but also more sustainable alternatives.