Simple garden ideas in front of Australia: 9 ideas to try

1. Replace the mailbox

Never underestimate the impact a small change, like replacing an old, rusty mailbox, can have on the look of your front yard. Nowadays there are affordable mailboxes, design mailboxes, custom letterboxes and everything in between – the choice is yours.

Sue ferris

2. Create a garden bed

One way to soften the edges of a modern, or even an aging, home is to create garden beds around the exterior walls. In a recent economic front garden makeover, for example, Charlie Albone dug out part of the lawn to create a wavy garden bed filled with low and medium evergreen shrubs. The aftermath speaks for itself.

Brick house with a lush front garden

Sue ferris

3. Scrub the aisle

Nothing brings down the appearance of a front garden more than a dirty aisle. Fortunately, this is a quick and inexpensive problem to solve. Just take an exterior cleanser like Berger Dry Active Clean Jet, a stiff outdoor broom and scrub the entire length of the driveway.

Then, rinse off the dirt and grime with a pressure hose and say hello to a driveway that looks like new.

Watch: Charlie is quickly revamping an aisle

4. Install a path

Nothing adds direction and definition to a front garden like a brand new trail. A straight and direct path can look great leading to a contemporary home, while a winding path makes crazy cobblestones can add a touch of magic to a classic cottage garden.

There are also endless materials of which pavers, natural stone, bricks and concrete are some of the most popular. If you choose to use pavers, be sure to select a style with a low slip rating for added safety.

A paved front lane leads the door of a house

5. Update the front fence

The front fence is the first what guests will notice when they visit your home, it is therefore important to make a good impression.

For example, this 1950s house was bursting with character, but, when Charlie first arrived on the premises, the unimaginative garden was definitely an eye-catcher.

1950s style brick house with a gray fence

Sue ferris

Charlie worked with the existing coated front fence – painting it a deep charcoal color before adding modern pickets in a contrasting hue – to create a bolder, more contemporary look that stays true to the style of the house.

6. Go vertically

To add more greenery to a small garden, go vertical. Hanging plants, green walls, climbing vines, and wall planters are all good ways to get the most out of every square inch. In a clever DIY, Adam Dovile created this modern wood wall planter that doubles as a decorative way to display house numbers.

Cream colored house with a wooden planter hanging on the wall

Simon griffiths

7. Make a mark with a well-maintained lawn.

If you only have the time and energy to focus on a aspect of your front garden, make it the health of your lawn. Things like cleaning the edges, watering abundantly once a week, cleaning the edges, and removing weeds can work wonders on a tired, discolored lawn.

Front lawn storage was a central part of Cherie Barber’s renovation of this compact front garden. The complete renovation of the front garden added $ 10,000 to the overall value of the property.

Small front garden with well-maintained lawn area

8. Take advantage of the shoulder

If you’ve been doing all you can in your own front yard, consider taking advantage of the shoulder. The Nature Strip doesn’t have to be a boring patch of grass, a point Charlie demonstrated by creating a spectacular native edge garden. Charlie specifically selected plants native to the area to provide nectar, food and habitat for native birds.

Native garden of verge in front of a picket fence

Brent Wilson

This project is not Charlie’s first foray into verge gardening. He also created an urban edible garden with a mix of green salads and perennial flowering plants.

Watch: Charlie creates a verge garden

9. Create a definition with a porch

Your front door lacks the feeling of arrival? Creating a porch or updating an existing porch is an easy way to increase the curb appeal of your home.

In this DIY porch update, a set of crumbling tiled steps has been transformed into a sleek, modern terrace with banquettes and hidden storage. It also forms a seamless link between the front door and the spacious outdoor entertainment area.

Front porch with entertainment area

Phil Aynsley