Six coastal garden plants for a seaside-inspired garden makeover

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  • This heatwave makes us all dream of the seaside. However, if you’re not lucky enough to live by the coast, why not create a seaside-inspired garden instead with these coastal garden plants?

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    While sand and pebbles are a key component in a coastal garden. Plants are just as important in recreating the peaceful atmosphere of a British beach.

    Image credit: Dobbies

    The experts of Dobbies garden centers has rounded up their top plant picks to recreate the British beach vibe, no matter the size of your garden.

    Coastal garden plants


    coastal garden plants 11

    Image credit: Claire Lloyds Davies

    “This hardy shrub will look great and scent your garden beautifully,” says Marcus Eyles, Director of Horticulture at Dobbies Garden Centers. “There are many herbs that grow happily in seaside gardens, including sage and thyme. “

    Choose your favorite dishes to cook and you will have an endless supply of fresh herbs to cook.

    2. Cordyline Australis

    coastal garden plants 7

    Image Credit: Dobbies Garden Centers

    “This seaside loving plant thrives in harsh environments, which is why it does so well at the seaside,” says Marcus.

    These plants will thrive in sunny locations and look great in your garden all year round.

    3. The holly of the sea

    coastal garden plants 8

    Image Credit: Dobbies Garden Centers

    This pungent plant makes a bold statement with its thistle-shaped flowers. There is also the bonus that they are long lasting.

    “They prefer a sunny location and dry, well-drained soil,” says Marcus. “They are also very popular with bees and butterflies. “

    4. Hydrangeas

    coastal garden plants 2

    Image Credit: Dobbies Garden Centers

    These beautiful plants grow well in sandy soil, so you can fully enjoy the coastal garden experience.

    “They come in a variety of shades including sea blues, pretty lilacs, and soft pinks for a coastal country feel,” says Marcus.

    But don’t forget to water these plants well in hot weather.

    5. Lavender

    coastal garden plants 8

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    Lavender is one of the easiest plants to care for and it is often seen growing in coastal gardens.

    “As long as it’s well planted and well established, lavender is drought tolerant and low maintenance,” says Marcus. “They work well in pots on the patio on either side of your front door for a fragrant welcome.”

    6. Ornamental grasses

    coastal garden plants 4

    Image Credit: Dobbies Garden Centers

    Complete your seaside-inspired garden with these tall, pointy plants. They resist windy conditions well and often grow in sand dunes along a beach.

    “It’s best to plant them in groups,” advises Marcus. ‘Choose from varieties such as Calamagrostis Arundinacea or Carex oshimensis’ Evergold ‘which have variegated foliage and will thrive best in borders or near ponds, as they like to be kept moist.’

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    Decorate your plants in raised planters and concrete pots, against the backdrop of whitewashed walls and meandering pebble baths to complete the coastal look.