Small garden ideas: 9 easy ways to transform your outdoor space

Chloe Best

With coronavirus Relaxation of restrictions and outdoor entertainment now allowed, you may be looking to revamp your garden. Even if you have a small space or a tiny balcony, you can still maximize its potential with a few smart tips and amazing products …

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Small garden style

1. Don’t compromise on meals

Nadia McCowan Hill, Style Advisor for Wayfair Residents, advises making your yard an extension of your home, no matter how small. “To get the most out of your outdoor space, think of it as another room and furnish it accordingly,” says Nadia. Even a small bistro table will allow your space to be used as a key part of your home.


Carnforth 2 Seater Bistro Set, £ 355.99, Wayfair


2. Use mirrors to create space

A quick Instagram scroll to the hashtag #gardenmirrors will open your eyes to the beauty of these home additions in your backyard too! Place a mirror against your wall to make your space appear much larger.


Arched mirror, £ 195, John Lewis


3. Create interest with unexpected design details

Nadia McCowan Hill of Wayfair said: “Don’t be afraid to bring in a few pieces that you would normally see inside.” Candles, vases and throws will transform a small balcony or a pretty courtyard into a fun and pleasant space.

4. Plant vertically

Be smart with your plants by adding trellises and climbing plants to liven up your fences or walls. Additionally, having greenery around the perimeter will expand the overall feel of the space.

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5. Don’t be afraid of color

Injecting a splash of color into your garden, regardless of its size, is sure to put a smile on your face. Select vibrant planters that can be hung around your outdoor space on different levels.


10 hanging planters, £ 16.99, Amazon


6. Add ambiance with outdoor lighting

Adding overhead lighting will not take up additional floor space, but will give you a cozy atmosphere. An easy way to improve your garden in an instant!

fairy lights

Fairy lights, £ 11.99, Wayfair


7. Choose versatile products

If you think about your garden shopping a bit, they can be dual-purpose – how about an outdoor trunk for storing garden tools that doubles as a seat?


Outdoor seat, £ 120.88, Amazon


8. Find collapsible furniture

Having extra chairs for guests that you can stack neatly is the perfect solution to making your space versatile for any occasion.


Beach chair, £ 230, Business & Pleasure Co. at Selfridges


9. Install shelves

If you really can’t set up a table in your outdoor space, you can use a narrow shelf as a place to put your summer cocktails.

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