! Spanish News Today – 5 garden plants that will keep mosquitoes at bay

These natural repellents will keep your gardens and patios mosquito-free this summer

The Spanish summer stretches out before us once again, with days made for sunbathing and cooling off in the ocean and long balmy evenings, perfect for getting together outdoors with friends and loved ones. But there’s a plague on the horizon that can often make the season a chore: mosquitoes.

As the temperature rises, these annoying creatures seem to appear out of nowhere, and as soon as the mercury reaches 28 or 29 degrees, they begin to multiply at an alarming rate. Not only can mosquitoes cause irritating bites, but these tiny insects can also carry a host of diseases.

Protecting yourself against mosquitoes is important, and supermarkets and pharmacies across Spain carry a plethora of repellent sprays, creams and even bracelets to keep them at bay. However, it is also possible to arm your garden with a number of plants that will drive away pests and bring back the pleasure of eating outdoors.

1. Lemongrass

5 garden plants that will keep mosquitoes away

Probably the best known of all natural mosquito repellents, bugs can’t stand the strong smell of citronella. Besides protecting your garden from buzzing pests, lemongrass has many other uses, such as fragrant moisturizer, essential oils, and candles, and contains many antiseptic properties.

2. Lemon basil

5 garden plants that will keep mosquitoes away

Most people are probably more familiar with its use in pesto than for pests, but lemon basil shares the same deep citrus scent as lemongrass, which will repel mosquitoes. It is also useful to use on the bites to remove the bite and is toxic to the larvae which really helps reduce the mosquito population.

3. Sage

5 garden plants that will keep mosquitoes away

Sage is another plant that contains citronellol, a natural repellent, but to be effective the leaves of the plant must be burned as sage only releases this odor when exposed to high temperatures.

4. Lemon Geranium

5 garden plants that will keep mosquitoes away

This citrus variety of geranium has an intense scent similar to citronella and lemon that repels mosquitoes and flies. It can also be used to make repellent oils if mixed with almond oil.

5. Rosemary

5 garden plants that will keep mosquitoes away

This aromatic plant can also help repel various species of insects, including mosquitoes, thanks to its geraniol content. Again, the use of this plant can be maximized by burning its leaves, as the smoke it generates will disperse lingering pests.

Images: Pixabay