As we are now in the planting season, acquiring and installing new plants in preparation for the bursting of foliage and flowers in the spring, it is time to do some proactive gardening. Responsive gardening, by comparison, involves waiting for local garden centers to release small flowering plants and thenRead More →

A new study by environmentalists at University of Massachusetts Amherst revealed that 1,330 garden centers and online retailers still sell invasive species as garden plants. Of the hundreds of invasive plants the team found available for sale, 20 species are illegal to grow or sell nationwide. “Once we recognize thatRead More →

Lockdown has given us everything, it’s a new appreciation for traditional spreading skills From the prolonged closure of garden centers to the cancellation of many popular garden equipment and the lingering threat of a summer drought, this has been a very strange year for Irish gardeners. Adding to our woesRead More →

Creating your own vegetable garden – no matter the size of your outdoor space – can be a rewarding and rewarding experience, and a great way to eat fresh, healthy food. As we continue to stay indoors to fight the spread of the coronavirus, it’s a hobby anyone can practiceRead More →

Breadcrumb Links Houses Gardening The type of garden and the weather are major factors in making decisions about what the landscape demands this month. Author of the article: Helene Chestnut Indoors, sow the most popular tomatoes and summer flowers such as petunias, impatiens, asters, dahlias, lavatera, and cosmos. Photo byRead More →

Gardening should not be reserved for country dwellers who have real “gardens” – everyone can exercise their green thumb. All you need is a little imagination and creativity to transform even the blandest concrete outdoor space into a beautiful plant-filled sanctuary. Here are our favorite tips for urban gardeners: 1.Read More →