Since ancient times, the Japanese have had a tradition of creating gardens that capture the natural landscape. They combine the basic elements of plants, water and rocks with simple, clean lines to create a spiritual haven, which in times of war and conflict was the only place they found peace.Read More →

Whether you live in an apartment, unit, townhouse, or have a large property, size doesn’t matter when it comes to indoor gardens. WATCH: How to Decorate a Room with Houseplants, According to BHG’s Melissa King All you need to do is create your own houseplant, which is a room thatRead More →

Through Julie silva, Master Gardener UCCE Posted May 31, 2020 9:51 AM Garden ideas are available to be stolen. No quotes, no jail time. Successes copied from the gardening world are common. The easiest way to steal ideas is simple. Drive around your neighborhood, watch magazines or TV, and lookRead More →

Take your gardening tools. Cathy Isom gives us some tips to have everything you want for your spring garden even if space is limited. It happens on this land of ours. Vertical garden ideas It’s time to start thinking about not only what vegetables and herbs you’ll grow in yourRead More →