Canna flowers As summer arrives and everyone wants to get rid of that scorching summer heat. Let’s discuss some heat absorbing plants that are useful during this time. Instead of giving up gardening during these heat-charged months, try planting these garden plants that absorb heat better than others. Heat-absorbing plants:Read More →

Debbie Hugues | Special to The News-Press Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and their wives were practical and successful owners of remarkable gardens in Southwest Florida. A hundred years ago, they planted some of the varieties of plants that have proven to be efficient, low maintenance, disease resistant and heat tolerant.Read More →

Gardening should not be reserved for country dwellers who have real “gardens” – everyone can exercise their green thumb. All you need is a little imagination and creativity to transform even the blandest concrete outdoor space into a beautiful plant-filled sanctuary. Here are our favorite tips for urban gardeners: 1.Read More →