Since ancient times, the Japanese have had a tradition of creating gardens that capture the natural landscape. They combine the basic elements of plants, water and rocks with simple, clean lines to create a spiritual haven, which in times of war and conflict was the only place they found peace.Read More →

A garden full of activities – earthworms in the ground, flying creatures visiting flowers that attract bees – is a healthy garden. Just like with bees, if you want to attract butterflies, there are certain flowers that are sure to have them fluttering around your flower beds. This list ofRead More →

If you love the look and feel of an English garden, you are not alone. The combination of neatly trimmed hedges, intimate little paths, and lush flower beds can make a space appear like a little nook of hidden luxury. If you are looking for some new landscaping ideas forRead More →

Creating your own vegetable garden – no matter the size of your outdoor space – can be a rewarding and rewarding experience, and a great way to eat fresh, healthy food. As we continue to stay indoors to fight the spread of the coronavirus, it’s a hobby anyone can practiceRead More →

Mike Garten The best part about miniature gardens: they are impossible to spoil! And each one looks totally different and unique, considering all the possible accessories. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options floating around on Pinterest, here are the fairy garden essentials we suggest for you. See theRead More →