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Watering is essential for cultivating a healthy garden, but when is the best summer month to start watering outdoor plants and flowers on a regular basis?

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), you should start watering more frequently from early May. While it’s important to give them a drop of water if they look dry, May is usually when the weather gets warmer, which means our favorite flowers will need more water. often.

In addition to starting in May, the RHS explained that if you are looking to optimize the growth of your plants, then you should water your garden early every morning. Not only is this when the plants will start using their water, it will also discourage pests from nibbling on your plants.

“Water in the morning, if you can, because that’s when the sun comes up and the plants start using water,” the gardening charity said. The Express. “The foliage and soil surface are also likely to stay drier longer than evening watering, discouraging slugs, snails and late blight diseases.

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“Plants begin to sweat in sunlight, drawing water from the soil, through their roots, up to their stems and through tiny pores on their leaves called stomata. Water in the heat of the day. is not a good idea as a lot of water is lost through evaporation from the soil surface and plants will use the water more efficiently if they are watered during the cooler times of the day. “

If you are concerned that your garden plants are not getting enough water, always check the soil first. When your plant is dehydrated, you may notice that the leaves start to appear darker than before. Just add a little water to help them flourish. You will be sure to have the garden of your dreams in no time …

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