Tulip time is approaching as local garden plants thousands of bulbs – NBC Los Angeles

What there is to know

  • Descanso Gardens at La Cañada Flintridge
  • Some 30,000 tulips bloom every March
  • The garden is open every day; Advance tickets required (and times can get busy during tulip bloom, especially towards the end of March)

February may fall on the soggy side of Southern California, but late January?

When daylight extends well past 5 p.m. and the evening sky turns as pink as the parade we just celebrated on New Year’s Day, it can feel downright spring-like, or at least like a sprinter, which is the soft spring layering that winter can sometimes take around these parts.

There are other signs that we know the sprinter as we enter the final third of January 2022, and we’re not even talking about the pink trees popping everywhere.

Tulips are front and center these days, thanks to dedicated bud enthusiasts getting to work at Descanso Gardens.

If you know what happens at destination La Cañada Flintridge each March, then you know exactly what these volunteers and staff do: they plant thousands of bulbs, one by one, in an area not far away. inside the main entrance to the 150 acre property.

In just a few weeks – think six or seven weeks, more or less – the area will be awash in tulip beauty, with purples, yellows and even stripes that will put on a spectacular show.

But wait: you won’t have to wait until March to spy on these wonders, as the first tulips usually appear, here and there, shortly after Valentine’s Day.

If you’re expecting tulip coverage, well, mid-March, or even the end of the month, is what you’ll want to focus on (but keep in mind that advance tickets will be required, and the weekends make it get busy).

Can’t wait to see the “blanket” we’re swooning over? Check out a bygone bloom now to see thousands of dazzling, tall, majestic and sublime blooms to behold.