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Take your gardening tools. Cathy Isom gives us some tips to have everything you want for your spring garden even if space is limited. It happens on this land of ours.

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It’s time to start thinking about not only what vegetables and herbs you’ll grow in your garden this spring, but how you’ll grow them as well. Homegrown vegetable gardens took on a whole new meaning, with many people getting very creative and in some cases making the best use of small spaces. The way to do it these days is to plant things – or vertically, rather than a garden bed in or above the ground. Vertical gardens can grow upward along posts, railings, walls, and fences. And, in some cases, even the ceiling.
vegetable in decorated vertical garden Idea in town
Small vertical container gardens are still the most popular vertical gardening methods –

often built with a series of recycled plastic bottles, reused pallets or even a collection of classic plant pots.

Another booming vertical garden method is high-tech hydroponic vertical gardens. This is used a bit now in commercial agriculture.
Vegetable in vertical decorated wall Garden idea in town
Vertical tower gardens are also very popular by stacking large food grade tubes or buckets. Things like strawberries, herbs, lettuce, etc. are planted in the tower rather than along the ground. Vertical trellis and vine gardens are perfect for many varieties of favorite fruits and vegetables grown on the vine. And if you have enough space, the vertical layered food forest garden can be done. Where you have a good mix of all your favorites – from tall fruit trees to shrubs, plants and herbs, so there is productivity at every vertical layer. So how will your garden grow this spring?

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