Where to Buy Garden Plants Online

1. Origin

According to Will Williams, where, when and how plants are grown can impact longevity, quality and appearance. For example, an olive tree looks more attractive with a straight stem next to a front door in full sun. There’s a reason the sunny hills of Italy produce much stronger and more attractive trees.

2. Delivery

We’re all used to fast delivery times these days, but the plant world hasn’t quite caught up yet. Be sure to check the delivery terms. Some will deliver within a few working days while others will schedule a future delivery date to ensure the plants are delivered in optimum condition.

3. Size

Be sure to watch the size of the nursery pot – few things are more disappointing than opening a package to find a small plant in the box. Ideally you want no less than a 2 liter pot for a bedding plant.

4. Quality

Consider the quality of plants – just as you would the quality of food or household items. The budget supermarket product may be cheap, but is it as good or does it last as long?

5. Care

Check the tracking service provided by the site. Do they explain how to care for your plants with tutorials, planting plans and specific plant guides? Check out guides, aftercare tips, and video masterclasses so you don’t have to look elsewhere.