Your outdoor garden will thrive, the porch garden pots have arrived!

VERONE, Wisconsin., September 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Porch gardeners rejoice, porch garden pots are finally here.

Over the past few months, Porch Garden Pots was in the pre-order development phase. But now the wait is over – Porch Garden Pots can confirm that the products have arrived! With the launch date finally established, first-time users and pre-orders can expect to receive their porch garden pots within days.

For those unfamiliar with Porch Garden Pots planters, they are a space-saving solution for those who live in apartments, townhouses, and other homes with limited porch space. Porch Garden Pots found that people in these situations want to enjoy outdoor plants but just don’t have the space they need to make it happen. With the planters from Porch Garden Pots, people with limited porch space can maximize the use of their space by mounting their plants on railing rods (indoors or outdoors), fences, walls or any other solid surface. These planters allow porch gardeners to make full use of all of their railing / spit space for plants while still giving back all of their living space for personal use. An added benefit of using the outside of the spindles, instead of the railing, is that the pots can be adjusted to any height, giving users more control over the look of their porch gardens. Porch Garden Pots even claims their planters are capable of supporting over 100 pounds, so even the heaviest plants can reap the benefits in the windiest conditions.

Porch Garden Pot planters are made using injection molding – a manufacturing process designed to create products that are durable, easy to manufacture, and with minimal waste. The design offers two installation options – one without tools and one with. The tool-free mounting process uses industrial grade zip ties to secure the pot to the mounting plate, while the tool-required method uses screws. The injection molded design also includes two holes positioned in the front of the porch pot, allowing water to drain through the front and away from the deck, porch, balcony or fence it is on. has climbed.

“We cannot thank our Kickstarter supporters and all of our early supporters enough. We have invested so much in this project, but none of this would have been possible without the help of our amazing community,” Anne, co-owner and founder of Porch Garden Pots mentions. “We’re thrilled that the solution we love is finally ready to ship and help people who were in exactly the same situation as us,” said Kevin, Co-Owner and Founder of Porch Garden Pots. The couple of Wisconsin funds saved and borrowed to start Porch Garden Pots and turned to Kickstarter to receive the remaining funding needed to make their dream come true. Their jars are now widely available after several setbacks and delays due to the global pandemic.

About porch garden pots
Kevin and Anne came up with the idea for Porch Garden Pots when they lived in condos and apartments with very limited porch / balcony space. A majority of their space was taken up by plants, and they wanted to reclaim that space without sacrificing their garden. Traditional planters blocked their view and weren’t as sturdy as they would like. So they came up with porch garden pots to meet their needs and those of other porch gardeners around the world. Now, Porch Garden Pots are helping people keep their views and plants safe while reclaiming their limited porch space.

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