Mediterranean gardens are experiencing a trending moment, in part due to rising temperatures in the UK, making drought-tolerant plants and flowers from warmer climates more popular. We are also drawn to the warm, earthy Mediterranean colors, the appeal of fragrant herbs, and the charm of a garden that is happyRead More →

1. Origin According to Will Williams, where, when and how plants are grown can impact longevity, quality and appearance. For example, an olive tree looks more attractive with a straight stem next to a front door in full sun. There’s a reason the sunny hills of Italy produce much strongerRead More →

Watering is essential to maintain healthy plants. During the summer months, gardeners may water their plants once or even twice a day, and getting it right is extremely important. Tom Hilton, outdoor and indoor gardening specialist at National Greenhouse, has exclusively shared several common mistakes to avoid when watering yourRead More →

The city’s communities are enjoying a blaze of color this summer thanks to the council’s popular wildflower planting scheme. In recent years the council has attracted pollinating insects to its roadsides, roundabouts, parks and rough terrain by allowing grass to grow long in selected locations, allowing wildflowers to bloom, andRead More →

Breadcrumb Links Life Houses Gardening Opinion: True perennial salvias have really exploded in popularity over the past few years. Salvias, whether annual or perennial, look terrific when planted in masses. Minter Country Garden Reviews and recommendations are unbiased and products are independently selected. Postmedia may earn an affiliate commission onRead More →

Experts said gardeners should be careful in the garden because even the smallest mistakes can have the “most catastrophic consequences”. This includes pruning, which is the selective removal of branches from a tree, helping to encourage new growth. However, for novice gardeners, it can be difficult to know where toRead More →

These plants are nothing like the stylish garden ideas you’ve implemented, like the roses in your back garden or the neatly planted hydrangeas beside your driveway. Surveying experts at have revealed that there are a handful of specific garden plants that could have an insidious effect on your home,Read More →

Over the past decade or more, environmentally conscious gardeners have reduced the amount of peat they use in their gardens, although the change hasn’t been quick or easy. I wasn’t clear on all the reasons why gardeners should avoid peat until Tom Witwicki, president of the Cumberland County Master GardenersRead More →

Summer is coming with blooming roses, ripening tomatoes… and storms. Here’s how to protect your plants. As we celebrate the blooming of roses, the ripening of tomatoes and the pollinator frenzy in our backyards, we gardeners also need to be aware of the downsides of summer: thunderstorms, tropical storms andRead More →

Mediterranean gardens evoke languid afternoons in the shade, the scent of lavender in the breeze and the buzz of bees dropping from the flowers. Popularized by historic gardens in Italy, Spain, Greece and southern France, the style of Mediterranean gardens presents a sublime, dreamlike impression where visitors want to linger.Read More →

It is possible to make your outdoor space more inviting for a small price. (Getty Images) Yahoo Life editors are committed to independently selecting wonderful products for you at great prices. We may receive a share of purchases made through links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject toRead More →

So you don’t have a sprawling lawn or a house surrounded by a manicured area. But what are you To do having is a patio, porch, roof, deck, balcony – or even just a window. And even in the smallest of these spaces, you can create a beautiful, peaceful environmentRead More →